Have you found your soul mate yet? Or do you think you have, but just aren′t sure? A lot of people in this age of awareness believe they have connected with their twin flame or soul mate in this lifetime. Have you? Let′s help you figure that out. Here′s how to know you′ve already met your soul mate or twin flame.

Are Soul Mates and Twin Flames the Same Thing?

The truth is, you don′t actually need our help understanding soul mates. Your soul already knows the answer. And the other truth is that yes, you have met at least one of your soul mates. Chances are, you′ve met many. You may even have met your twin flame. The difference between the two is that your soul mates are the ones you began your journey with upon your very first lifetime. And your current birth chart is the blueprint you created for this particular lifetime, with all of your soul mates in your soul circle. They helped you, and you helped them create theirs.

And when all was said and done, your own soul divided into two astral bodies, both completely identical to the other, but, with different journeys, and different blue prints. That special person is called your twin flame. You only have one of those, but we all have many soul mates. Also, twin flames are your perfect romantic pair. Soul mates are not. That is why you can have a soul mate in your life, but no romantic experience with them.

When do we meet our soul mates?

All the time. You have already traveled through many lifetimes, and many birth charts, experiencing the lessons and plans that you designed with your angels and guides for each of your lifetimes. And, during the course of this journey, you come across some of your soul mates. These are people that you know instantly, upon meeting, there is something very special about them. And they know this about you too.

But, they are experiencing the same journeys you are, but just on their own unique and individual path. So, you may have met one of your soul mates in 1492. And another in the 1600′s. And so on.

In this age of awareness, many of us are meeting many of our soul mates at the same time. Did you ever feel like you couldn′t understand how you could have 2 or 3 best friends at the same time? You can. If you are very lucky, you may be in a lifetime where more than one of your soul mates joins you. In this age of awareness, more and more people are feeling this all the time.

How do you know? You just know.

It′s the cheesiest line of relationship advice you will ever get, but it′s the truth. You really do just know. There is no lightning bolt that comes out of the sky, no angel that arrives on your door step with a telegram. You really do just know. So, if you don′t, then you haven′t met your soul mate or twin flame.

You leave your first meeting with them with the strangest feeling….”I swear I know that person from somewhere! Where was that again, it′s on the tip of my tongue!” You can′t stop thinking about them, and you don′t know why. Maybe the student that shows up selling summer painting seems so strangely familiar. And, you just had your house painted but you sign him up anyway, because there′s just something so….familiar about him.

How do you know if you′ve already met a soul mate? If you are even wondering about it, then you probably have. Just remember that knowing, and hoping, are two different things. Hoping someone is your soul mate isn′t enough. You must have this strange knowing you can′t shake, no matter what. One way to help you is to look for signs.

Signs, signs, everywhere signs…

When you are on your soul mate path, and about to meet a soul mate, or about to have an experience with one, your angels will send you hints. Signs like 11:11 will appear, or the individual′s name will appear, all the time in the strangest places. You might also see street names, house numbers, songs on the radio that instantly take you to a moment in time with your soul mate. And yes, your angels have a sense of humour and may show you an actual sign!