How to Amaze YOUR LOVER In BED! — By Zodiac Sign


Heat Things Up

Feeling a little spring fever yet? I hope so, but fret not if you aren′t, as today we are going to kick that into full gear. Consider these love horoscopes to be the ones that will set the tone for your entire summer too! Have you ever wondered what you need to do to get a little closer to your partner?

Or have you ever wondered what you need to do to get his fire going? Wonder no more, after these tips your lover will soon be bragging about how lucky they are. All you need to do to be amazing in bed tonight is find out their zodiac sign, and scroll on down to find out what little secrets you need to employ. Have fun!

Aries – Fiery Sex Energy

Aries is the Cardinal fire sign and this means their energy level is off the hook. And boy, does Aries love to share. If you want to get good with an Aries, pull out as many tricks as you can early in the relationship, as changing their ways later on will be difficult. You also want to let them be in charge behind closed doors. Fire energy is very sexy and very passionate, and whispers also work well. One thing Aries really likes is a little bit of the taboo, so send a naughty text when you are out for dinner with the boss, and he won′t be able to take his mind off you until you get home. Or, bring home something pretty for her that you know she will look great in when the lights go out.

Taurus – Stubborn Romantic

Taurus is a fixed Earth Sign and this is often why many people call them stubborn. But if Taurus is your lover, their stubborn nature will come in handy as they already can′t take their eyes off you. If you need to make up with a Taurus, flowers will win every time. If you want to start creating some sparks with Taurus, get your Venus on. Pile on the lush romance and beauty and your Taurus′s eyes will be sparkling. The more romantic, and maybe even the more scandalous, the better. Taurus is the kind that loves to follow rose petals to the bedroom when they get home from work.

Gemini – Savvy Lover

Gemini is ruled by Mercury and this sign also loves their gadgets and their toys. Texting works wonders for Gemini, and if you want to keep your Gem focused on you all day, that′s really all you need to do. One naughty text in the morning and they will be distracted all day long at work. Don′t be surprised when you hear back from them right away, but play with your Gem and keep the intrigue going. Don′t respond right away if you don′t have to! By the time you catch up with your Gem you won′t know what hit you.

Cancer – Loves Sharing

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and thus very emotional, but Cancer is also very connected to family. A beautiful dinner out would certainly cater to your Cancer′s sensual side, but Cancer doesn′t want you to go to that trouble. If however you offer to do the dishes for your Cancer lover, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much they want to offer you in return. Cancer loves to share, and gives as good as they get. So, give your Cancer what you want behind closed doors and you will get it back tenfold. The closer you are to the homefront the better!

Leo – Very Vocal

Leo is a fixed fire sign which means they have a lot of sexual energy, and they are as loyal and brave as a lion as well. At the same time however, they need some drama around them when their attention is being mastered. So, give your Leo a little roar once in a while, and especially when you are looking for some attention. Flattery for Leo will definitely get you everywhere, and really with Leo all you need to do is start with the word “sexy” and you will have their undivided attention. Leo is one of those as well that you can′t set that and forget that, compliment, and repeat, and your Leo will not leave your side any time soon.

Virgo – On the Floor

Virgo is the mutable Earth sign which makes them the most practical and grounded people that you know. It also means that they don′t need a lot of frills and fuss when it comes to love and igniting sparks. If you are consistent, your Virgo will almost always be turned on by you because knowing what is ahead is what turns Virgo on. Do not spring anything on your Virgo or it will backfire. Show your Virgo what your exciting erotic plan is for the night and they will be game on, just make sure it is in line with who you are. Big shows don′t go over well for Virgo. Appreciating how loyal and responsible your Virgo is will go a long way for you as well.

Libra – Straddled balance

Libra is ruled by Venus and is also the zodiac sign that loves partnerships. So anything that is related to harmony and balance and a meeting of the minds will go over very well with Libra. As Air Signs, Libra likes things traditional so keep things missionary until Libra makes otherwise suggestion. Overall however Libra is a doting lover who is easily seduced. Use your tactile senses to your advantage with your Libra, beautiful sparkly scarves, feathers, you get the picture. If it is lush and luxurious, Libra will love it. It also must be conventional and behind closed doors, Libra is very traditional and doesn′t veer from that box very often.

Scorpio – Close Encounters

Scorpio is the zodiac sign that rules the genitals, so the very word “sex” may be all that you need to capture your Scorp′s attention. Your Scorpio will be flattered when you tell them that they are the only one, but don′t say that if you don′t mean it or it will come back to sting you big time. Be honest as Scorpio prefers the truth, even if that means you aren′t as obsessed with them as they are with you. The more time you spend on foreplay with your Scorpio, the longer and more exciting night you are destined to have.

Sagittarius – Exotic Locations

As the mutable fire sign, Sagittarius is known for being the least commitment friendly zodiac sign. But that doesn′t mean they won′t settle down, you just need to find a way to capture their attention….and keep it. Road trips and travel are loved by Sagittarius, and there′s nothing more exciting to a Sag than mixing travel with pleasure. Plan a getaway to get the romantic sparks burning with your Sag, or recreate one at home if you can′t actually get away. An exotic meal from a far away land will entice many senses of your Sag, and will have you stoking their fires all night. If you want a commitment from your Sag, ask them for it while they are in the middle of doing something fun, that isn′t sex.

Capricorn – Endurance Lover

Capricorn is the cardinal Earth sign and known for being oh so conservative, grounded, and responsible. They have to be because they are also the most successful in many cases, so keep this notion in mind when you are trying to seduce your Capricorn. Plan a sexy night after the big pitch meeting, and your Cap will appreciate you putting up with their long hours. Don′t complain about how much they work, but rather show them how grateful you are to them for that. Capricorn revels in being the boss, so suggesting a fantasy that puts them in the driver′s seat will also go off very well.

Aquarius – Dirty Games

Aquarius is an Air sign that is easily smitten if you can tap into their intellectual side. At first Aquarius may seem a little cold or even aloof, but get them in a witty conversation and they won′t want to stop. You also need t0 let them think they are in charge of the situation, and if so they will naturally lead the way sexually. Believe it or not but word games will really get your Aquarius going, if you play your cards right. Truth or Dare for example is a word game that can get as sexy as you want it to get. Tell dirty secrets, dish dirty gossip, whatever you can to keep the winds of romance flowing for Aquarius will lead to the both of you being very happy.

Pisces – Tell me your Secret

Pisces is the mutable Water sign, and ruled by Neptune making Pisces the dreamiest zodiac sign of them all. As such, all you need to do to get what you want sexually from Pisces is play up the romance, and play it up hard. Pisces is mutable energy as well which means they are always looking for the next big thing to love or be infatuated with. Use this to your advantage when it comes to love because loyalty is not their strong suit. You can keep them pinned to your side however by always mixing it up romantically. Give your Pisces the safety and freedom to speak their fantasies to you and you will have their undivided attention for as long as you let them explore your naughtiest side of all.

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